Privacy Policy

General Aspects

Aschaffenburg UAS collects data in accordance with Bavarian Legislation for Higher Education (BayHSchG), with Bavarian Regulations on Accreditation for Degree Programmes (BayStudAkkV) as well as with the Bavarian Data Protection Law (BayDSG). For paper-based and online surveys, members of Aschaffenburg UAS usually use the software QuestorPro, distributed by Blubbsoft.


Why does Aschaffenburg UAS carry out surveys?

According to Art. 2 Bavarian Legislation for Higher Education (BayHSchG), applied research and development are tasks of universities of applied sciences. In addition to that, higher education institutions have to assure the quality of their work systematically (Art. 10 BayHSchG) and to ensure academic success for their students (§ 14 BayStudAkkV). In order to fulfil these tasks, Aschaffenburg UAS is allowed to do the necessary surveys as well as data processing. Participation in surveys is always facultative. Participants receive information on the reason for the survey beforehand.


Special Issues for Online Surveys

Online surveys with QuestorPro can be created anonymously with a simple link to the online questionnaire. In this case, the group of respondents is not known beforehand. In fact, anyone who has received the link, may take part.

In addition to that, it is possible to invite respondents, whose names and contact data are known, to an online survey using either a fixed or an individual password. The password enables the respondents to participate in the survey. This procedures assures that only those fill in the questionnaire who are supposed to do so. In addition to that, the list of used passwords indicates who has already participated. Throughout the survey phase, there are usually three to four contacts: one invitation and up to three reminders. If individual passwords are distributed, respondents with ‘used’ passwords do not receive any additional mail.

Throughout the survey phase, answers are saved on a server of Aschaffenburg UAS. Transmission of survey results occurs through an encrypted connection. Contact data is not part of the data set containing the answers. It is not possible to connect answers with people. At the end of survey phase, the person in charge of the survey analyses the data and turns the results into meaningful statistics.


How are results published?

Survey data is analysed only for academic purposes and for the continous improvement of teaching and degree programmes as well as for quality assurance in general. Results are published according to the survey targets. For all publications, no conclusions can be drawn about the partipants.


Whom can I ask in case of further enquiries?

If you have any questions, please address them to the data protection officer, E-Mail: datenschutz(at) or to Mr. Ernst Schulten, ernst.schulten(at)